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Let me begin by giving thanks to the whole team by providing world class support and unequivocally the best trading software on the planet. Multiple charts integrated with custom bar types, indicators, and market geometry allow confidence.
Yanni T
"My opinion of Dan and the TTP staff is based on 3 years experience. Dan's attention to detail, commitment to a superior product, and providing outstanding service is unmatched in my 20 years trading the markets. Truly a gem!"
Rafael Cairós
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Daniel and the TTP team for their time, effort, patience to help, and for such a thorough insight into their perspective on trading and market structure. Their tools were extremely useful to identify the swing highs and lows of the session, and trade with an excellent risk-rewards ratio. Daniel Roe has a genuine gift to help others understand trading business.
The Trade the Plan (TTP) program has got to have gone beyond what Daniel had ever hoped for because it is impossible for anyone to dream this big. This is an intelligent program that enables the trader to see trends that would otherwise be unavailable to the ordinary trader flying blind on instinct. Having more complete information during a trade helps to influence your judgment allowing you to make more competent trades. In addition to Dan, Cedric is tremendous in his response time, knowledge of the system, and clever with his fixes and ideas. With the office keeping track of other matters and an excellent programing staff the organization hits it on all bases. Why consider any program that looks at the past and hopes for the future when you can get a program that accurately looks at the present and develops a prescient reading of the future with such a high degree of accuracy? Anyone who calmly sits and waits for ALL the signals to come into place before entering will do well. It takes into consideration: 1. Volume Divergences 2. Momentum Divergences 3. Major and minor Spikes 4. Major and minor Climaxes 5. Minor to Extreme Churn 6. Minor to Extreme Bar Density 7. Multiple bars of the same kind indicating a true reversal 8. Overall Market trend as of the moment 9. Proprietary special bars that look at multiple frames simultaneously. Who else considers all of these when they draw little curves and green and red fill-ins, is looking at the future?? NO ONE!!
Tim Ruth
When it comes to learning how to trade, the TTP methodology is unparalleled in my travels thus far and I consider it my Holy Grail of sorts. Dan Roe is an expert at employing low risk and high reward entries over and over again. This is the same when it comes to his multi-time frame analysis utilizing Elliott Wave theory with Fibonacci analysis and fine tuning these entries with Market Geometry and Volume analysis. Probably one of the biggest misgivings I was ever told by one of my previous mentors, was that volume is irrelevant. IMHO volume is one of the most important aspects for finding the ends of moves or support for further moves in a direction and Dan is an expert at this endeavor. If you’re starting your learning journey here, you have just shaved years off your learning curve. Top notch mentor along with a great group of students/traders. I could write a Fitzgerald novel on this place, but attempting to make it short and sweet. 🙂

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We know how crucial it is to save time throughout your day.
Hours, minutes, and seconds lost are detrimental to your success as a trader.
With every piece of software we build, we’re always looking for ways to reduce time-drains.

When you wake up in the morning and sit down at your computer, how long does it take you to completely load all your workspaces and data?
Well, if you’re like we are, then you have several workspaces and charts which have a few different indicators on each of them. Depending upon the total number of charts you have, and the types of indicators on them, this startup process can take up a ton of valuable time.

You can easily miss that first, best trade of the day, just because your software isn’t fully operational yet!
And this doesn’t even account for the amount of time that it can take to re-download data AFTER you have cleared your cache (a crucial thing to do if you want to avoid slowed performance and corrupted data).

Our FREE software, NinjaManager, solves this problem.

It automates the entire NinjaTrader (7 and/or 8) startup process, connecting to your data feed(s), opening all your set workspaces, and even deleting the data cache (optional).
NinjaManager ensures you are up and running…ready for that next trade setup…before you even arrive at your computer…with perfectly clean, uncorrupted data downloaded fresh from the data provider (essential for Market Geometry Analysis).
No gaps.
No missing bars or data.
Charts are loaded.
Ready to go.

Utilizing this time-saving app make you an even more proficient & productive trader.
Add the NinjaManager to your arsenal of professional-grade trader tools. For serious traders, only.

Ninja Start-Up

Starts up NinjaTrader before you even sit down to your computer. Set the time and NinjaManager takes care of it.

Clear Cache

Automatically clears your data cache to ensure you have no corrupt data before your trading day begins.

Load Workspaces

Automatically connects to data, then opens workspaces one-by-one till your trade station is ready for battle.

If you are already a member you can access our free content HERE

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