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​​Professional trading analysis - directly to your charts.

Download professional market analysis, in real-time, to your charts. Gain insight into what drives the markets and focus on learning how to trade a proven methodology. Through the use of the ToolBarPro’s Import Manager, you can download all our analysis directly to your charts (Elliott Wave, Market Geometry, Fibonacci and much more.) Get updates throughout the day with marketed up charts, screenshots as well as short video explanations. At the moment, we service ES, NQ, CL and 6E.


TradeThePlan Forum

​Ever wanted to chat through your trades with other traders?!


Look no further than "TradeThePlan Forum"!  


The Forum is accessed via the Analysis Live member portal. It provides a treasure trove of people with information that can help you grow as a trader.


Discuss, comment, ask questions or upload your latest trade for feedback from peers. 


A must have for any trader!



​​Professional trading analysis - directly to your charts.

ToolBarPro is a prerequisite for using the Analysis Live Service.  

This is the center piece of our software tools. It is the most comprehensive tool set available in the market. Helping you to draw market geometry, Fibonacci lines, and volume profiles in a snap shot. It comes with a build in window manager, all done in a very intuitive way. Importing the marked-up charts of our analysists, uploading your own marked up charts to the forum etc. It also has the most sophisticated alert system so that you can focus marking up your charts and don’t miss an entry opportunity. 



$129 Monthly


$129 Monthly


$129 Monthly


$129 Monthly

ES, NQ, CL and 6E

Get access to Analysis Live plus four key markets for $279 per month! 

Analysis Live Videos

Take a look at our latest Analysis Live videos. These are sent out weekly to help traders in various markets to have first hand insights and tips through watching a live trade take place!

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