BlackBird handles money management, risk management, and order management while keeping you in total control.

  • A Bird’s Eye View


    This intelligent trade manager allows you to manage every aspect of your trade with unparalleled simplicity & flexibility.


    Tools Built for Real Traders


    • Risk Management Capabilities
    • Trade Management Capabilities
    • Money Management Capabilities


    Risk Management


    Each & every trade has potential for loss. Set your risk tolerance and then let BlackBird automatically calculate and manage the risk for you. Utilize pre-trade contract scaling, and on-the-fly stop-loss trailing.




    • Pre-Program Order Movement
    • Limitless User Capabilities
    • Money Management Capabilities



    Trade Management:


    Use the Dynamic Planning feature to preview how your trade will execute based on current market conditions.


    BlackBird can adjust on-the-fly Entry orders, Profit Targets, and Stop-loss orders. This is a complete Trade Manager.


    Pre-programed order management with unlimited customizable flexibility. The most advanced stop-loss trailing designer in the Ninja ecosystem.



    • Dynamic Planning
    • Entry, Profit, & Stop-loss Management
    • Unlimited Stop-loss Trailing Rules


    Money Management:


    Step back and manage your entire account. Place daily caps on losses. Lock in daily profits. Prevent over trading commission losses.
    Protect your hard earned profits with the High-Water Mark feature, and start playing with house money.



    • High-Water Mark Profit Protection
    • Limit Your Account Exposure
    • Account Oversight Capabilities



Industry’s First Intelligent Trade Manager

The Power To Mimic Seasoned Professionals

Unparalleled Simplicity & Flexibility

Industry Recognized Customer Service

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