​​Do you have the ambition to become an independent trader? 

TradeThePlan is offering a trading Methodology, software tools, education and live assessments for real trading setups.  






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Understanding markets, and knowing how and when to trade, together with a solid Plan leads to consistent results. 


Our experience and consistent approach to trading can help you to become successful in the market. Especially beginning traders need a solid step by step approach to keep their trading capital safe. 




Helping you to spot high potential trading setups and applying proper risk management rules is key to our success. 


Showing you how to apply the TradeThePlan trading methodology in different 

timeframes and/or tick frames will give you the crucial edge to succeed as a trader. The methodology can be used in any market that has sufficient liquidity. 




We offer a Methodology supported by first class software tools, public and private training sessions, a forum and quasi real- time analysis by our experienced analysts of many markets.  


We have a unique software system that integrates high probability setups of experienced analysts directly projected on your live charts. Our flagship software tools for market geometry, volume and divergence analysis are unique in the world. Our software integrates multi timeframe and tick charts into a single point of entry, to ensure the best setup possible with the highest risk reward ratio. 



For those that want to go on a steep learning curve, we offer private learning sessions in small groups or even on an individual basis. 


Based on our own trading journey, we know how difficult it is to become a profitable trader in the beginning of your trading career. Like with any profession you need to spend time and effort to learn to trade. We can help you to speed up this learning process and offer individual or small groups training and/or coaching, tuned to your skillset and desire to grow fast. 





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Day traders 

Improve your scalping results .






Swing traders 

Position yourself for high probable swings trades 






Use the methodology to manage a portfolio of stocks 






Forex traders 

Apply the proven approach to crypto markets and benefit of the super high volatility without taking too much risk 


Our Services

We want to offer you the best that is available to ensure that you have an edge in the markets to grow your trading account without taking too much risk. 



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Our Software Tools


The ToolBar Pro, the most comprehensive drawing tool in the marketplace. Marking up your charts is easy and intuitive.

This is the center piece of our software tools. It is the most comprehensive tool set available in the market. Helping you to draw market geometry, Fibonacci lines, and volume profiles in a snap shot. It comes with a build in window manager, all done in a very intuitive way. Importing the marked-up charts of our analysists, uploading your own marked up charts to the forum etc. It also has the most sophisticated alert system so that you can focus marking up your charts and don’t miss an entry opportunity. 


The Volume Analyst. Look at the different dimensions of volume being the driving force to move price.

Pin pointing turning points in the market by analyzing not just raw volume, but also 

relative volume on different timeframes and relative volume on different tick charts, 

gives you an incredible edge in the process of spotting high probable trades. The 

Volume Analyst enables to view volume in different dimensions to get a deeper inside of what the big market players are doing.



The Divergence Analyst. Detecting regular divergence or hidden divergence of any time series is another key element in the pursuit 

of spotting high probable entry points.

Divergence between price and any related derivative time series is signifying loss of momentum. Loss of momentum is proof that a market turning point might be coming up. Having this insight is another key element in our pursuit of being perfect in entering a position with a high probability to win. The Divergence Analyst not only provides this insight, it also has built in the most sophisticated swing detection algorithm in the market to mark important turning point as early as possible. 


The ROEBars: integrate time bars (Open-High- Low-Close (OHLC)) with tick and range bars.

When you always wanted to have the combined view on the price action from a Time (OHLC), Tick or Range perspective, then the ROEBars is the answer. Applying certain rules on the settings of time, tick and range, gives another dimension on the price action of the market.



The Replicator. A universal chart reader system that enables the logical Integration of multi timeframe and/or multi tick frame signals.

To integrate market geometry, volume and divergence signals from multi timeframe charts requires a sophisticated reader system that collects all these signal in real time. 

Putting them subsequently logically together in a decision tree will give clear entry signals for low risk high reward trades.


The Timeframe Tuner. A handy tool to tune the tick bar charts and the roe bar charts to the market conditions.

Trading is all about the skill to find setups that offer big rewards for small risks. 

Comparing setups in time based charts and tick based charts is a good trading practice. For finding the correct tick chart settings, the Timeframe Tuner calculates what the tick setting would be to mimic an equivalent time-based chart.




What if you want it all? Take the MasterSuite

We thought long about whether we would make this kit available to everyone that just wanted it, because this is not for the beginner! Trading is a skill. To be a Master in trading you need to invest in yourself, just like you did when you learned a profession. How many years did you spent before you became a master in your profession? Owning the MasterSuite is not just buying a set of tools. Owning the MasterSuite is a commitment, possibly the start of a profitable trading career. The MasterSuite enables it all! Those who own the MasterSuite and spent time to learn, will never look back! The MasterSuite integrates all of the above mentioned tools into a trading kit that is unique in the industry. Invest in yourself and create an opportunity to become financially independent.


The Ninja Manager. Take a shower while your trading platform starts up automatically ensuring that NinjaTrader8 is ready to go when you are.

This handy software tool makes your life so much easier. It automatically starts up 

NinjaTrader 8 workspaces including data feeds and/or broker connections. It ensures that the workspaces are started in the right sequence without overloading the data feed. A handy tool that is available to everyone that wants it and a special offer for those that subscribe as a free member



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