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All Software & Training with Access to Analysis Live

For the Serious Trader - all the tools & training you need to locate key market turning points with pinpoint accuracy are contained in this ONE POWERFUL PACKAGE.  The Trade The Plan MasterSuite includes 2 free months of Analysis Live (for two markets.) Download professional analysis directly to your charts and learn how you can use the tools to get the results you deserve in your trading.    


ToolBar PRO

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Serious Analysts need a serious Toolbar.   This dynamic Toolbar “floats” above your charts nearby with tons of features available to access.  Quickly draw Volume Profile, Market Geometry, and ANY other line to your charts such as… Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions, Support & Resistance, VWAP, Point Of Control.  Audio and visual Alerts can be added and removed from any line in two clicks.  Brand-new Windows Manager button allows for full control of your chart layout. 


Volume Analyst

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Stop chasing late, after-the-fact price signals and discover the leading volume & density patterns that occur at most major turning points in the markets. Volume is the fuel that powers the markets’ movements. Use the VolumeAnalyst to isolate clean signals that will make all the difference in your trading. Get access to the most advanced volume and range analysis possible today!

Divergence Analyst


Tap into the power of divergence with the software that does it best. Improve the speed in which you can identify divergence for any indicator in real-time to your exact specifications. Save yourself frustration, time, and money. Download this flexible divergence indicator today!



Trading with higher-timeframe charts provides a greater edge, but it can also be overwhelming. This tool simplifies multi-timeframe (MTF) trading by copying any indicator from one chart onto your base chart. Want to build and test MTF systems quickly and easily? Do it now with Replicator!

Trading Room

2 months in the Trading Room – Free with new purchases

Join us in the Trading Room where Daniel Roe will teach you the 3 most important methodologies in a highly competitive market. Learn to make consistent progress and trade with confidence.

The Trading Room takes place 5 days a week.  Monday – Firday (7:30 AM to 10:30 AM Central Time)

** Exclusive for MasterSuite Owners **

And much, much more!


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