- Our Custom Hybrid Bar Type

Looking for clarity in the markets? Get laser-focused with our Custom ROEBars.

The ROE Bars were designed to allow you to see Volume signals more clearly, with less ambiguity.
It’s a hybrid of the range, ticks, and seconds, so you don’t have to let any valuable data slip away from your sights.

  • How are ROE Bars constructed?


    The ROE Bars are a combination of Range, Tick and Time.


    Range – Set the minimum range you want to see and never miss out on a massive move

    Ticks – Set the exact number of transactions in every single bar
    Seconds – No more condensed bars. Eliminate the variation that comes with the day and overnight sessions


    • With ROE Bars, you get a maximum and minimum for each of these.
    • Set the values you want, and look at only what is important for you.
    • Because Range, Time and Ticks work together, you’ll be able to keep track of any wave variation, big or small. 
    • Both wide and small ranges are always accessible.

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