The Toolbar for the Professional Market Analyst

The Floating ToolBar with Advanced Market Geometry for NinjaTrader.

Serious Analysts need a serious Toolbar. This dynamic Toolbar “floats” above your charts nearby with tons of features available to access. Quickly draw Volume Profile, Market Geometry, and ANY other line to your charts such as… Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions, Support & Resistance, VWAP, Point Of Control. Audio and visual Alerts can be added and removed from any line in two clicks. Get THE essential toolkit for every market analyst today!

The Floating ToolBar with Advanced Market Geometry for NinjaTrader gives you the ability to draw on ANY chart and apply alerts to ANY line, all from one toolbar!
Main Features
  • A single “floating” toolbar that controls ALL of your charts and workspaces
  • Never miss an alert again! Get screenshots for ANY alert sent directly to your phone or email
  • Identify highs and lows with Market Geometry with just a few clicks
  • Huge variety of drawing objects with the ability to customize the appearance and colors.
  • Configure and draw custom Fibonacci Retracement and Extension Levels easily with the ability to quickly delete un-needed levels.
  • Label Elliot Wave counts in Lightning Speed
  • The Copy tool allows you to copy drawing objects from one chart to another with just a few clicks
  • Hide ANY line, object, text or values, while your alerts remain active
  • Clean up your charts in a snap with the Advanced Delete Button feature
  • Easily find the ToolBarPRO features you use the most by customizing the buttons. Fine-tune the look and feel of the ToolBar by changing the number of columns. You can even change the color or label of the buttons or use images to find them rapidly
Power Features
  • The MOST advanced and efficient Volume Profile tool for NinjaTrader because it uses hybrid data management
  • Perform ADVANCED Market Geometry analysis with as little as two clicks - don’t waste time drawing tons of lines
  • Configurable Ruler system to pinpoint PRECISE values for Total Ticks, % Move, Total Bars, Total Time, Total Volume and more
  • Use the ToolBarPRO Import/Export Object Manager to share your analysis with others in our exclusive community
  • Use the new “Reader Manager” system to get access to all lines created by the different Volume Profiles and VWAPS through Bloodhound
  • Easily manage your workspaces and custom chart layouts with the Windows Manager
  • 1 Month of Analysis Live - 3 hours/day, 5 days/week - $99 Value!



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Rafael Cairós
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Daniel and the TTP team for their time, effort, patience to help, and for such a thorough insight into their perspective on trading and market structure. Their tools were extremely useful to identify the swing highs and lows of the session, and trade with an excellent risk-rewards ratio. Daniel Roe has a genuine gift to help others understand trading business.
Tim Ruth
When it comes to learning how to trade, the TTP methodology is unparalleled in my travels thus far and I consider it my Holy Grail of sorts. Dan Roe is an expert at employing low risk and high reward entries over and over again. This is the same when it comes to his multi-time frame analysis utilizing Elliott Wave theory with Fibonacci analysis and fine tuning these entries with Market Geometry and Volume analysis. Probably one of the biggest misgivings I was ever told by one of my previous mentors, was that volume is irrelevant. IMHO volume is one of the most important aspects for finding the ends of moves or support for further moves in a direction and Dan is an expert at this endeavor. If you’re starting your learning journey here, you have just shaved years off your learning curve. Top notch mentor along with a great group of students/traders. I could write a Fitzgerald novel on this place, but attempting to make it short and sweet. 🙂
James Wilkins
Trade The Plan is what a professional trader, trainer and indicator designer should be. They are second to none with their product support and the updates just make great indicators even better. At present I only have the Relative Volume and the ToolBar Pro but I plan to add more as my trading allows. No one tries harder then Daniel to make sure every possible advantage is built into their indicators so you can be successful at this very difficult endeavour. You can't drive a nail without a hammer, a screwdriver or pliers won't do it. Make sure you get the right tools to trade with also. JW
Matthew Grosse
One of the best business decisions of my life was buying the Master Suite Ultimate. I would give 6 stars if I could!
Harold Burks
I have been involved with Trade The Plan for a little over 2 years. I have watched Daniel Roe build his Tools and use them following his plan and find areas of confluence where the market reacts. His tools has improved my technical analysis when looking at higher timeframes and shorter timeframes. Finally, I like the fact that Daniel has shown himself to be a down to earth person who is an individual trader like me. He shares what he's learned over the last several years and show his analysis so you can compare to your own.
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